It’s  the start of  a new year and many churches are participating in a corporate Daniel’s Fast.   Based upon Daniel 10:2-3, the fast is first and foremost a time of praying and reading of scriptures to hear from God.  In a nutshell, the fast, which can either be 10 days or 21 days eliminates meats, dairy, and refined sugar in exchange for whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.   As a THM (Trim Healthy Mama), I wanted to find a way to participate in the fast while staying on plan.  I knew it would be easy to incorporate E (Low-Fat)  meals, but I thought S meals (Low-Carb)  would be more difficult to incorporate.  I researched some recipes, and was surprised at the number of Daniel Fast recipes that I found that fit nicely in the S category.  I encourage you to be prayerful about what items you will and will not include during your fast, but I have provided a list of recipes that I believe will mesh well with THM.

Wishing you Health,

Coach Tamara



Daniel Fast Recipe Guide

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